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What Is Your Primary Goal For ExhirequirementsIf show contact is not responsible for the overall health and safety at the event then please email the appropriate contact information:

1st Choice 10x10 feet.
2nd Choice 10x20 feet.
3rd Choice 10x30 feet.
4th Choice 10x40 feet.
5th Choice 20x20 feet.
6th Choice 20x40 feet.
7th Choice 6x6 feet.
Corner Booth Additional Charge.
Around The Stage Booth Additional Charge.
Front of Entrance Booth Additional Charge.
15 Minutes Stage timing for Branding Charge.
Workshop 25 to 49 Persons Charge.
Business Card / Flyer or Stand Banner Charge (Provide by you.).
Logo on Welcome Arc. Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 8x3 Round Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 8x3 Square Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 8x3 Triangel Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 4x8 Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 3x6 Additional Charge.
Hanging Banner 2x4 Triangel Additional Charge.
Stand Banner 2x6 ft in Hallway Additional Charge.
Stand 2x6 Banner Additional Charge.
Flag Banner 1.5x5 Additional Charge.
Stand Sign Banner 2x6 ft.
Logo on Selfie Backdrop.
Branding on Gala Dinner Night.
Sponsorship for Celebrities.
Sponsorship for Welcome Bag 1000 pcs oneside print.
Logo on Column.
Fashion Show.
Model Participation.
Mega Sponsorship.
Platinum Sponsorship.
Diamond Sponsorship.
Gold Sponsorship.
Silver Sponsorship.
Copper Sponsorship.
Bronze Sponsorship.
How Many person attending Gala Dinner.
How Many hotel room.
Artist Participation.
Artist Participation.

Yes. No.
Yes. No.
  • 50% deposit On Signing Contract.
  • Final balance due shall be paid before 180 days of the Event
  • to release the documents for (Visa process)
  • All sponsors Amount due
  • 100% On Signing Contract
  • Each Booth will include
  • 8 Feet Tall Back Wall drape
  • 3 Feet Side Rail drap
  • One 6 feet table.
  • One table cloth.
  • Two chairs.
  • One Wastebasket.
  • One company ID sign.
  • Any additional items other than listed above.
  • Would be additional charge. Electric power not include.


    Our Upcoming Expo

    Power By : Virani Company’s USA and
    Atlanta Events & Planner USA.

    Time : 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM

    On Sunday 3rd April 2022

    Sat.: 10 AM to 06 PM /
    Sun.: 11 AM to 05 PM

    On 17th & 18th June 2023

    Saturday 10 AM to 06 &
    Sunday 11 aM to 05 PM

    On 30th & 31st March 2024